Living with a volcano.
Project info

There is little known on the danger of volcano's. Cris travelled to volcano's worldwide to learn from the people that live close to them. Once an inhabitant nearby the volcano Fogo said: "I will never go away from here. I am born with lava, so I'll die with lava."
This raised the question: how do the people who live around the volcano deal with the danger and the beauty of this natural phenomena on a daily bases?
Cris started this long-term project, while working on a story on Ecuadorian roses in the Andes mountains. While looking for roses that grow on the fertile ashes of the Tungurahua volcano, the ground suddenly started to tremble, and confronted Cris with one of the biggest explosion in history. The grandeur of this experience inspired him to start chasing volcano's worldwide. The story brought him to four different continents so far, and Cris has the wish to continue this story further and capture many more volcano's and their respective inhabitants.