La Creciente
Project info

Alejandro has lived in the islands of the Paraná River Delta in Argentina during three years to photograph the community living there. Far away from the city and absolutely connected with the river, nature and the local people. Influenced by books and stories about the great Paraná River, Alejandro began to observe how the people lived and worked in a natural environment in which the preponderant element is water. Every day he crossed the Paraná River in a motorboat, meeting island residents here and there—on the wharf or in some store or gas station. He started to share with them the same daily life.
Chaskielberg became an islander in order to document the life in the Delta. He portrayed this community everyday lives by staging scenes during long time exposures in the night. Families, fishermen, sailors, loggers, and hunters are part of this portrait of the islands illuminated by the full moon. Working with a large format camera and preferring shots that include people, water, sky and vegetation, creating each photo required long exposure times that forced subjects to remain motionless for as much as ten minutes. By exploring these places through photography, the artist exhibited the extraordinary visual and poetic impact of the river and the intimate relationship between the Paraná Delta´s community and its environment