Hero & Leander
Project info

The title Hero & Leander comes from the age-old myth of the Maiden Tower, in which the Bosphorus Strait in Turkey separates two lovers. To reach each other, the beautiful Hero in the tower lights a candle to guide Leander through the water. The beacon tragically goes out, eventually leaving Leander disoriented and drowning. In Germany, the story is known as the folk ballad "Two Royal Children.”

In 2009 I worked and studied for a few months in Istanbul, Turkey - a vibrant city in constant flux whose development, politics and and social change can feel like a monster of their own. This juxtaposition, symbolized by Hero & Leander, was overwhelming and inescapable during my time in the city. On the one hand were my experiences and impressions; on the other hand was my Turkish friends’ imaginative handling of the increasingly restrictive society and politics. Hero & Leander is based on my subjective memories; memories and fragments that are so divergent it is impossible to put them into words. They are not mo- ments of clarity, but flashbacks left open to interpretation. Every year new im- ages are added to the series. The project is a never-ending work in progress, reflecting my shifting impressions of Istanbul and the evolving experiences of its inhabitants.