Crossing Europe - As far as they eye can see
Project info

Ever wondered what people crossings streets throughout Europe look like?
I set out on a journey across Europe and captured the crowds getting from one side of the street to the other, right after that traffic light finally jumped to green. From Stockholm to Sofia, from Valetta to Vilnius and from Reykjavik to Rome, trying to freeze the rhythm of the city in each of the 42 European capital cities.
Not only do these images portray everyday street life across Europe, they also show the various cultures, while at the same time illustrating the continent-wide similarities. I discovered that even by watching people traverse the street we may find that what makes us Europeans together is as much our similarities as our differences. That we are the same, and are connected how much we are pro or against Europe or the EU.

Photographing European crossings also made the Stomps think about the European Dream: “Europe as an idea could be realised, but it will require a great deal of effort. It will not be achieved overnight. It will require interest and real concern. We must meet the other with empathy. And when we go abroad, we need to keep an open mind and not bother too much about giving up some of the customs of home. Only then may we learn to truly appreciate the beautiful diversity of Europe’s countries and ways of life.
Can our cultural differences survive the seemingly unstoppable and homogenising force of globalization?
I know I would be sorry to see this diversity disappear for the sake of commercial gain.”

From this project i made a self published photobook with all 42 photo's.
Title: Crossing Europe
Subtitle: As far as the eye can see
Photography: Poike Stomps
Design: Kummer & Herrman
Size: 32x27 cm portrait
Edition: 1,500 of wich in 42 special edition
Text: Poike Stomps and introduction Tomas Vanheste( De Correspondent)
Translations: Cecily Layzell, Erica Moore, Marianne Beuken
ISBN/EAN: 978-90-824261-1-3