Valley Days
Project info

There will eventually be 50 photos uploaded for this series. I am keeping it public while I build it.

Valley Days is a series of urban landscape photos shot in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. Following the now established tenets of urban landscape photography; these photos attempt to find the magical, lyrical, and beauty in what we often take for granted as mundane. What is behind one's house is often more telling than what is in front. Every day we pass a collection of inadvertent stage sets. Urban landscape photography is all about seeing. Shapes, arrangements, interactions, color, tone; so much beauty.

Lehigh valley is a continuous conglomeration of towns eighty miles west of New York City and eighty miles north of Philadelphia. It includes Easton, where I live, Phillipsburg, Bethlehem, and Allentown, as well as a number of townships which create a population of almost a million people. There is a long history here, dating back before the revolution and a wonderful array of architecture which passes colonial stone buildings to strip mall architecture. This is the sister series to Easton Nights which will also be published on Lensculture..