Scomparsi/Their bodies will never be found
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2014 - 2016 ~ Calabria, Italy

“The Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta is among the most powerful organised crime groups at a global level. Its colonisation strategy is spreading all over the world. […]
The ‘Ndrangheta started building its economic power in the 1970s and 1980s with the ransoms deriving from several kidnappings they perpetrated.”
(from: Threat Assessment / ITALIAN ORGANISED CRIME - Europol - The Hague, June 2013)
In Italy, 649 people were kidnapped by ‘Ndrangheta from 1969 to 1998: an average of 22 persons per year. 128 of these cases occurred in Calabria. Eight of these people disappeared forever without leaving behind a single trace. This work tells their story.

The circumstances are murky even for investigators. A lot of hypotheses were made, but the truth was never fully known.

Long silences break out from the heart of Aspromonte, the wild mountain massif that is known as the fortress of the 'Ndrangheta; an inaccessible theater of cruel imprisonment. Perhaps the kidnapped people were killed or died because they weren't willing to suffer through their imprisonment.

In any case, their stories all came to the same end: they disappeared, and their bodies will never be found.