Ephemeral Structures
Project info

The pictures were shot in the forested slopes of Mountain Parnassus, Central Greece. They depict some specimens from a group of about thirty (30) small makeshift storage-huts. During the summertime, these structures used to be the “bases” around which people from surrounding villages were setting up their tents in order to spend their summer holidays, up there on the mountain. A strange and vibrant ephemeral neighbourhood was developing there every summer. Throughout the rest of the year the place is empty except for these structures, scattered in the forest, waiting patiently for the next summer season. But the financial crisis has changed people’s habits. Among other things, most people cannot afford to take holidays anymore, so for the last three or four summer-seasons many of these structures stay abandoned.
I deliberately decided to shoot those structures’ “portraits” during the opposite season, winter. There is absolute silence and solitude and the snow that surrounds them make them appear more vulnerable, in my eyes. It is their loneliness that interests me. They remind me of forgotten (for any reasons) people who are only longing for those special days that they will meet again with their loved ones. Yet for some of those people those days never come.