Layered stories - personal project.
Project info

Our lives and how we remember them are made up of many interchangeable layers. Stories are passed down through the generations, and perceptions can be distorted in both the mind of the story teller and the recipient.

Mine, involves an Ethiopian princess and a German botanist baron - a story that had been hidden by my Grandma and pieced together by letter fragments, family tales and the testament of historians.

With each generation we grow further from the source, so that I am now left with just elements and heirlooms. In my work, I try and make something from this tug of the past. All that has passed has become somewhat mythical.

Using images from the family archive, I hope to preserve the 'stories' and convey these by way of layering images with my own in order to create dream like images, that also invite you to make your own perceptions.