Silence. XX Anniversary of the peace agreements in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
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Every year hundreds of ocean liners come loaded with thousands of tourists to the docks of the Croatian city of Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic but few of these tourists are aware that, behind the hills where is this beautiful city, is located a quiet valley of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Popovo Polje, that in September 1991 became the center of operations of the JNA and the Chetniks (paramilitaries Serbian and Montenegrin) during the siege of the coastal town, and where began the first shots of the war in Bosnia i Herzegovina.
This work becomes a documentary archive that records actuality life on the other side of those mountains, in the valley of Popovo Polje. This work shows the life of the residents of Popovo Polje who lived firsthand the armed conflict in the former, Yugoslavia.
Twenty years have passed since the signing of the Peace Accords in Dayton, in December 1995. At present there are areas of the country where, despite the wounds that remain open between the different ethnic groups, is perceived gradually some things are changing.
Proof of this, despite the territorial and religious separation, new generations begin to disassociate themselves from that past. For example is the common life of the Serbian woman Tanja Balic, her Muslim husband Sabahudin Pelesevic and daughter Jordana. And those who put landmines during the war and they now work locating and deactivating those mines.
This is life in a small valley of Bosnia i Herzegovina twenty years after the end of the war.
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