Suburban Endurance
Project info

Each of the images I have submitted are apart of my 'Seeking Human Kindness' series and my 'Suburban Endurance' series.

'Seeking Human Kindness' is an investigation and documentation of mine and my partner's search for a home, capturing photographic images of the place we are currently staying - we are staying with my ex partner. Each day there are different types of emotions that I feel and different situations that arise - sometimes filled with conflict and uncertainties which can become overwhelming. Both my current partner and ex partner have mental illnesses and substance addictions - within this series I capture images which evidently explore these issues as well as the limited help that is available for homeless individuals in Australia - with help that is available consisting of difficult conditions to qualify for.

'Suburban Endurance' is a series of images that consist of documentary style portraits of different friends of mine, the entire series consists of currently 33 images and has currently been shot over the course of 8 years. Each of the individuals live in suburban victoria, Australia and have faced and endured the consistent cycle of suburban life and exploring their identity within. 'Suburban Endurance' is an exploration of their lives and in contrast an exploration go my own life and the people around me.

A number of photographer's have inspired my work such as Robert Frank, Larry Clark, Nan Goldin, Richard Billingham and Nick Waplington.