In a Big World Wandering
Project info

This series of open-ended narratives conjures up both the playfulness and the sense of isolation we hold inside. I explore how we define ourselves in a world where we are increasingly isolated from nature, culture, and community—a world where we have more choices, but our roles are less clear. I long for a lost simplicity, real or imagined, beyond the fading edge of memory.
My personal journey and wanderings across America with my wife, Tasha (my muse and model) inspire the photographs. Years ago, we left our jobs to pursue our passions, trading comfort and security for a hardscrabble nomadic life. My work is therefore about following our hearts and finding our way, despite a nagging angst. It’s about accepting ambiguity, climbing past our own insignificance, and finding wonder on the other side.
I create my images in-camera on film using vintage and homemade equipment, without digital compositing or manipulation. I print in platinum/palladium on handmade Japanese tissue, yielding delicate, translucent prints that seem like visions on the edge of being grasped, reinterpreted, or forgotten. I make them for those who, in this virtual age, long to commune quietly with a genuine object in hand.