Project info

Savistomo is a Christian Orthodox community from Georgia based in Antwerp. Their small chapel full of icons and colorful murals is situated in the basement of a giant Roman Catholic church. In a mansion further down the street they have a monastery led by one father and a nun called Abibos and Marina. The parishioners often visit the monastery. They form a tight community where everybody can count on each other and still maintain their own religious and cultural values while living in an other country. They often have a mass or a celebration, Marina bakes georgian bread and makes cheese, candles and other handmade products. On Saturday there are Georgian language classes for the children and the choir comes over to practice. The father and nun are devoting their lives to this group, helping them with all kinds of problems they experience.
By doing all these things they create a peaceful and confidential environment for the parishioners to withdraw from the busy life.