Project info

Ginza Street in Tokyo is part of the Central Street and is the main street of the luxury shopping town Ginza. On weekend afternoons the street becomes a best field for photographers, for it is closed to automobile traffic and becomes a large pedestrian zone, where people can behave like they do in a park.
Four or five years ago on a summer afternoon I was very surprised to see a couple having lunch sitting directly on one side of the Ginza Street, when people were hardly seen sitting there.
Strictly speaking, sitting directly on the ground is definitely not good manners and against the luxury image of Ginza, though I do not dislike people doing this very casual behavior on the Ginza Street.
And now more and more people come to sit on both sides of the street as economy grows with the ongoing inbound effect. The contrast between the behavior and the place is funny and observing what are happening there is fun. So I chose to collect scenes of people doing something sitting there rather than to view them in a critical perspective.