Havana Taxi Company
Project info

I have continued my series of taxis (first one was Mumbai Taxi Company) and their drivers with a new series shot in Havana Cuba last summer. I've been wanting to go to Cuba for a long time. It's a place that has always been visually unique with its rich textures, its interesting people, and of course, its uncommon fleet of taxis (which are mostly American cars from the 1950's). With Cuba moving to a new era, that is going to change quickly I knew I had to go now if I wanted to capture it in its real form. My trip was amazing. I spent my days walking the streets from sunrise to sunset, connecting with locals (many of them whom did not speak a word of English). The pace of Cuban life is a slow one, so people had time to stop and spent few moments with me. I was invited to some of their homes to meet the family or have a beer with them in the local corner bar. The experience left me with not only a new series of portraits, but also with some some great stories of people I met.