Being Solo
Project info

At the moment of capture there is no speaking, no listening and no mobile communication. The depicted persons make no sound. I assume their minds were somewhere else at that particular moment. The persons were occupied with their own thoughts and they were not consciously present at the place or at the moment where they actually were. They are solo, individuals, alone, just with themselves. I think these pictures show individuality and this gives us as a viewer the opportunity to identify ourselves with what we see without knowing what is actually happening.
We are individuals, personalities, no matter where we are, with who we are and what we look like. At some moments we are on our own, if we like it or not. What's fascinating to me is that this state of being shows an aspect of life and this could appear as a bit tragic, temporarily and lonely. It puts identity and life itself in perspective.

I used a Hasselblad and a handheld flash.