Living Home
Project info

Living Home centers on the small farming community of Tallangatta Valley, Australia, my childhood home. I photographed the entire population, culminating in one hundred fifty-seven individual portraits. My identity is deeply rooted in this space as well as in the relationships among the inhabitants. Living Home shares a view of my history; a personal archive that is embedded in memory.

The work was inspired by the documentary impulse; to frame changes with radical implications as demographics and economics force change. Through portraiture I explore the cultural landscape with a focus on community and narrative. I explore the relationship between the natural world and the impact of human activity on its condition.

I invert the traditions of portrait and landscape photography; my portraits revealing traces of the land. I explore ways to conflate or re-align these genres, reappraising their functions in contrast to their uses in the history of photography. Living Home ostensibly works within the traditions of photographic portraiture; however, my images become equally important when considered as landscapes.