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In our days´ society, new technologies quickly impose themselves and go on evolving at a difficult to follow pace. Connectivity is a must and the real-time is a reality imposing its rhythm to all; and that makes new generations each time more impatient, and sometimes intransigent.
Until not a long time ago, let’s say a decade, the grandparents were the ones who used to sigh about the old manners of past days. This nostalgia is today skipping one generation and we are not few, the ones who sometimes feel lost and stressed by the tyranny of the unlimited connectivity.
Some of us escape in the search of contact with Nature, in order to disconnect, in a certain way, of the current “hyper-mega- ultra-maxi-connectivity”, and to connect with other energies. Others are so connected to their virtual world that they lost all connection with the nearby and real world, secluding themselves. Some others, according to some youngsters, belong to living cavemen species, completely outdated, who know have absolutely no clue about anything. Those cavemen…; sometimes we do feel we belong to their tribes; perhaps the last Neanderthal men would feel the same thing when they coexisted with newly arrived Homo Sapiens Men.
Some technological fossils can still be seen in some hands, here and there, at random, as witnesses of the gone modernity.
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Karina Sechi is one of the 50 best emerging photographers for 2015, as voted by the eight-member international jury for the LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2015. For this project, Karina has been chosen for CONNECT: A Curated Group Exhibition of LensCulture Network Photographers.