Soldiers on Duty
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War is the extreme manifestation of political disagreements, inter-ethnic, racial and religious conflicts. War is the physical and moral barometer of any nation and a tool for assessing the level of common sense and intellect. War kills the best people and affects the gene pool of all sides.

Soldiers are the main force and the protagonists of any war. Quite often, their lives serve as a bargaining chip for someone’s political ambitions and prospects.

The “Soldiers on Duty” photo series shows the standardized images of soldiers from all countries and nations who remain loyal to their professional duty and oath of enlistment. These photos show soldiers from the early 20th century to our days. They pay tribute to the memory of those who were killed during World War I a hundred years ago, those who defended our ideals and defeated Nazism in 1945, to contemporary soldiers.

These photos were taken by Vladimir Vyatkin, a reservist who witnessed the various armed conflicts in Vietnam (1979), Afghanistan (1980), Nicaragua (1986), Yugoslavia (1993-1996) and Chechnya (1999-2004). His professionalism and style have combined 30 images from 1980 to today in the “Soldiers on Duty” photo series, dedicated to soldiers, photographers and cameramen whom the author considers to be his teachers, and who contributed a priceless visual legacy of the 20th -21st century wars.