Byron revisited (Ithaca and Cephalonia, 2013)
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Lord BYRON came twice to Greece, and the second time has been fatal to him.
He stayed in Ithaca on August 1823. The marble commemorative stele is a trace of his stay (see photo of the stele below). There, he wrote a phrase that is quite ambiguous: “If this island belonged to me, I would bury all my books here and never go away”.
BYRON was went to Messolonghi and Ithaca by boat in the 1820s.
When I was in Venice (2013-2014) , I discovered that BYRON used to go (once a week) to the Armenian Monastery (San Lazzaro) in order to help the monks to establish the Grammar for the Armenian language.
Lampeduza wrote: "BYRON went to Greece because there was a promise that he could become a King of Greece".
The photos were made during my stay in the island of Ithaca and Cephalonia in the summer of 2013.
I felt that Ulysses could see the same skycapes. That removes the distance between our present and the historical or mythological time of the Odyssey.

Both Ithaca and Cephalonia proclaim to be Ulysses birthplace.

BYRON, as Ulysses of the Romantic world.