The Right Place
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As a result of the economic crisis, an increasing number of families have started living on the streets using caravans, campers and sometimes even cars as a shelter. In some way this phenomenon is reshaping the idea of 'home'.
Torre Angela. A suburb in the extreme periphery of Rome.
In a park lot reserved for taxi there is a little caravan which is not used for cheerful holidays but it's a proper 'home' for an Italian couple hit by the great economic crisis.
This is the place where Tommaso and Donatella live and fight their struggle to survive.
He was a carpenter and she was a hairdresser but they had to retire from their job because of the crisis. Tommaso is a disabled person so they were assigned for social housing but their place has been illegally occupied and they have never retrieved their house. They lived in their car with two dogs for ten months.
In spite of all the adversities they held their dignity and a strong will to go on so that they decided to transform the caravan in their new house.
They live with a minimum retirement pension and Donatella does little tailoring works. Sometimes they also benefit from the help and solidarity of other residents that love this family and consider them as a symbol of this quarter.
Also the authorities who tried to remove them at the beginning are now tolerating this 'strange' presence.
Tommaso opened up his first carpenter's shop in this quarter and his memories flow very fast from the beginnings to the happy moments of his life...the wedding, the family, his sons and daughters, until their actual situation.
Talking about their story help them to ease their pain and to find out the strenght to look ahead and to care about themselves and try not to be a burden for their sons and daughters.
The door of their caravan is always open and they are ready to make a good coffee to share with friend and to enjoy the company.
The famous Le Corbusier's quote 'A house is a machine for living in' seems to be written to describe Tommaso and Donatella's story.
Home is the place where we come back, it's a shelter and protection from the external agents, and that is what Tommaso and Donatella found in a camper: their right place.