Sea and jewelry
Project info

I took these photographs using color negative film 645 format.
Many women around the world are affected by adulterous relationships or disappointment with love. Such stories are never reported in the media. The affects are often kept in the dark from family, friends, co-workers, and society. I was one of these women that suffered from this in the past. Because of their mental state from suffering the loss of what they hold dear and the difficulties of coping with the sudden traumatic change in their lives, the number of women who decide to commit suicide is not just a few. Why are women becoming so unhappy by just loving someone? There should be something more, something in depth. This project was started by interviewing one of these women. After hearing her real life account of her turmoil, I decided to share the affects with the world to help others who have and are currently suffering from the same sadness heal and let those women know they are not alone and they do not need to feel the ill-effects of a broken heart.