The Shaping
Project info

This body of work explores some preliminary images for my next exhibition coming up in August 2017. The concept is about inheritance, genetics, the idea of who you are having been shaped by your ancestors, themes that I have been working with for a while now.

I have created plaster masks of myself, my partner and my daughter, and then made papier mache copies of them out of tissue paper, these form the “wings” which attach and detach themselves from direct involvement with my daughter, the influence that parents/ancestors/genetics have on us, subtly, or in your face!! Ha ha.

The dresses are wedding dresses, my sisters and a friends reminiscent of their hope to raise a family. + one flower girl dress.

After several photo shoots I think I will have to be satisfied with what I have, I keep thinking I am going to do the real thing, but maybe I already have.