Street Dreamers
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One of the first things that struck me just arrived in India was the ease in finding wherever people sleeping on the street, in broad daylight.
I was attracted by the fact that for me, for us westerners, it is unusual to sleep on the street, because it's unsightly, because it is dirty, uncomfortable, and then they all look at you, judge you. But the matter is very simple if you think about it...I'm tired, I'll find a place that is right for me, comfortable enough, I lie down and sleep.
By dint of watching them I realized that my curiosity about these people born basically from 3 things: for the place that each of them has chosen, for the position in which I find them and a question I ask myself when I see them: what will stand never dreaming while around them there is a world that keeps turning?
I chose to photograph them with the phone because when I started i had not the camera with me, so I decided to continue with the phone and I chose a black and white heightens the contrast and makes the scene almost pictorial, as if you entered into another reality, that indeed the dream, not the reality.