One hundred and forty centimeters
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26 years have passed and now one hundred and forty three centimeters standing in front of me. Marina, my sister. She was born in October 1987. She was born with the Down-Syndrom and a defect of her heart. Marina and their perspectives enrich my life. For Marina, people and relationships are the most important things. It fascinates me how carefree and loose Marina takes her life. While I'm busy planning my life, I'm worried and fears clarify. Marina knows no fear of the future and self-doubt. She lives her live every day and enjoys it. She always reminds me what the true values ​​in life: family, faith, love, satisfaction, gratitude and not to take myself so seriously. Loving her is a splendid adventure! Marina is designated as disabled. However, it is not the Down Syndrome, which impedes her, but other people. People like you and me. We judged and scratch the surface, which appears different and unusual at first glance. Physical features such as size, weight, abnormalities in the head shape, the eyes and ears do not fit into our ideal picture. Who took the decision that a person with a chromosome has no right to live? Why is Down Syndrome a reason for a legally abortion? In Germany a termination is allowed until the 12th week of pregnancy.
People with Down's syndrome feel happiness, sadness, sympathy and antipathy. Are saddened at low-blows and learn from mistakes. They are intelligent, talented and trainable. Primarily, they need a lot of time, affection and empathy. They delight in their lives and are happy about their successes. Overwhelmed they, or put it under pressure, they are sensitive and turn away. People with Down syndrome can not give general description, any more than for white, black, small, thick or thin people. So why should they be worth less than you or Me? It´s important about new thinking in our society. Especially in terms of prenatal diagnostic. Who can decide over life and death? Who decides who has the right to life and who does?