Close Phase
Project info

Close Phase is a subjective inquiry into personal space on the London Underground.

All animals have organizational structures which enable them to survive. The use of personal space is one such structure. In 'our' world, spatial boundaries exist between individuals and can be defined as personal space/distance.

The closest 'bubble' that surrounds a person is described as 'intimate space' by American anthropologist, Edward T. Hall in his book 'The Hidden Dimension'. Halls research suggests that intimacy between humans takes place within a range of zero to eighteen inches. The people we let into this 'bubble' are, usually, close friends and family. Examples of behavioral actions within this dimension include: embracing, touching and whispering.

In an urban environment, where overcrowding exists, our personal boundaries are often breached by complete strangers. My Images explore the interaction between strangers at this close phase of intimate distance.