Project info

As a result of losing my wife to breast cancer in 2015, I felt more vulnerable than I ever did before. I wrote a lot about it in a blog called (in Dutch). I noticed that a lot of people could identify with my feelings and liked to read about it, but not much people like to show there own vulnerability. You just have a look on Facebook, were you can get easily depressed because of the wonderful and great lives other people live, without a cloud in the sky.

I know how it works, no one likes to share there sh*t in public, but when, on the other hand, people like to read about it to feel normal, just like the most of us, there is room for improvement. So, because I am mainly a Photographer, I took up the challenge to take pictures of people showing there vulnerability.

Because of al the stories they told me, I decided to place a small text about the person/picture, to lead the viewers eye a bit. To tell them a little about what they see.

I realize my English is not good enough to find the nuances, in the words, I found in my own languages, which is Dutch.