Project info

I love confronting people, getting into their eye line and grabbing the moment. I am fascinated by the way we present ourselves in public and project a persona, being part of an enormous community in the city, but also alone.

I am working like a studio photographer who uses a single light to illuminate their subject. I take this technique out onto the street but it’s the antithesis of the control you get in a studio.

As the Sun rises and sets in New York City the grid structure of the streets creates shafts of light that illuminate parts of the sidewalk while leaving others in darkness. Combining the stylish and varied people with this light allows me to isolate my subjects in center stage while at the same time bringing into focus the loneliness of the city.

I’m looking for striking, confident people emerging out of the shadows. I anticipate people’s movement and position myself to capture both the light and dark. It’s challenging and conveys how I see light and also the people that surround me every day.