175 heroes find their eternal home after 29 years
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After Vietnam War, Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988) was the second longest war fought during 20th century, which lasted for 8 years. Officially started by Saddam Hussein of Iraq in September 22 1980 and came to a belated ceasefire in August 1988 when both sides recognized a UN Resolution 598, the war took a heavy toll of 1 million deaths and $ 1190bn in damage.
An Iranian Operation Karbala 4 (launched December 24 1986) is speculated to be the root cause of 175 Iranian divers gone missing then and whose bones were discovered earlier this year in June after 29 years in Iraqi side of the border in Abolfous.
These 175 divers were canonized by Iranian public as well as war veterans after having been transferred to this side of the border in August 2015, with funerals held in different cities other than the capital Tehran. Of 175 heroes, two martyr-divers were interred and highly revered by Tehran public.
The fallen soldiers of Iran-Iraq War are regularly found by research teams acting in southern frontlines all around the year and are usually buried after brief funerals.