Taxi Sleepers
Project info

In Mumbai may is a very very hot month, almost 40 degrees and 80/90% of umidity, it's impossible to walk under the sun during the day expecially after lunch time. In Mumbay there are lots of buses, local trains and many many taxis, maybe the transport most used to move in the terrifying traffic jungle in a city with almost 18 milions people.
In that conditions all the people are very sweat and tired and probably the most tired in the middle of the day are the taxi drivers. They use to stop somewhere under the shade to rest or sleep on their taxi keeping open all the windows and doors and finding the best position to sleep confortable. It was one of the most interesting show i ever seen. I used my iPhone for that project for two reasons: because when i started to think about the idea i was walking in Mumbai without my camera and than i discovered also that with the iPhone i was ivisible, silent and faster.