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"Those in authority fear the mask for their power partly resides in identifying, stamping and cataloguing: in knowing who you are. But a Carnival needs masks, thousands of masks; and our masks are not to conceal our identity but to reveal it... The masquerade has always been an essential part of Carnival. Dressing up and disguise, the blurring of identities and boundaries, transformation, transgression; all are brought together in the wearing of masks. Masking up releases our commonality, enables us to act together, to shout as one to those who rule and divide us 'we are all fools, deviants, outcasts, clowns and criminals'. Today we shall give this resistance a face; for by putting on our masks we reveal our unity; and by raising our voices in the street together, we speak our anger at the facelessness of power.”
[Taken from a message printed on the inside of 9000 masks distributed at the June 18th, 1999 “Carnival Against Capital” which destroyed the financial district of central London].


São Paulo, Brazil, June 12th, 2014: Thousands of Brazilians went to the streets not for cheering for a football team, but to ask for better conditions of life. It was in this context that appeared the outcry for "Não vai ter Copa" (There won't be a World Cup).

In the “Labmasks” series, the photographer proposes to show a sense of drift, opposing the documentary realist tradition and the subjective limits of reality through a dramatic distortion of the images, having the objective of releasing the intensive, affective and un-determined aspects of the conflict between the São Paulo's Military Police and the demonstrators that occurred on the streets on the opening day of the World Cup in São Paulo. A scenic composition of lights and shadows focused on the “face” of masked individuals disputing a parallel contest of strength in a complex social space subdued by strong personal beliefs.