They are everywhere if you know where to look (Street Photography Awar
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I love the bird that is painted on the side of the toilet block which when positioned just right becomes your own set of wings, "They are everywhere if you know where to look," springs from the idea that angels walk among us.
The image of the family walking past the shop with the mannequins in it is also named "They are everywhere if you know where to look #2" because the mannequins appear to be noticing the boy, more angels perhaps.

I had not thought that I was a street photographer, but I forgot my love of shapes and colour found randomly in the urban environment. "Sit" which made it into the competition gallery prompted me to add the next 2 photographs, "Hello Beautiful," in which I love the red leads on the dogs complimenting the red writing, and "Moments" where I was waiting for a cloud to be in the frame of the building, but no clouds would comply, and in the fading light the colours really stood out. I was at the location for a few days but the building never looked this good to me again.