Jane's Addiction
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This is Doreen. She is someone I first saw in Downtown Los Angeles in early Spring 2016. I took a few pictures as she sat outside, doing her makeup at a table in a tiny outdoor cafe on 6th street. I didn't see her until again until September 2016, this time on Spring Street in the late afternoon, screaming in agony and covered in red hair dye, flanked by two young police officers who had no idea how to proceed in the unusual circumstances. Doreen, who is homeless and also has substance abuse and addiction in her life, had tried to apply the hair dye.to her head in the street in the hopes that she could use a nearby restroom to rinse off. She was barred from entry to the restroom which was reserved for patrons of nearby restaurants and chaos erupted on the street, Doreen hysterically crying, and attracting a crowd. I was able to step in and work out a deal with building management to accompany and assist her if they would allow us to get the dye off together....they relented, and we were able to get the situation resolved.
This photo series is with Doreen one week after the hair dye incident, who is beautiful and radiant in her surroundings, which reflect her lifestyle on Skid Row in Los Angeles. She is getting ready for the evening ahead, on the street with her make up and toiletries, doing her thing and very focused on creating beauty, with a few interruptions as friends pass by. This series highlights her personality and unusual lifestyle on the street, along with her charismatic and unforgettable beauty and presence.