Geometry and Colour
Project info

The photographs in this series have been taken over the course of a year in the cities of Wroclaw, Poland and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The two locations, which are miles apart, both geographically and culturally, have been united in the series by a common theme: Colour and Geometry, which creates a parallel world where the ordinary and mundane has been transformed into the ambiguous and extraordinary.

Here the lines of a tennis court look like two towers that a player is getting ready to jump off from; the orange paint on a parking lot roof transforms itself into a mighty sea of rust and a swimming pool becomes an enigmatic interplay of squares, circles and triangles.

The world is inhabited by ordinary people – pedestrians, construction workers, sporting hobbyists, people who seem oblivious to the graphic qualities of the space around them, yet who seem to be an integral part of it.

In almost all of the photographs, the space is flat, with no horizon and no visible light source. Its vivid colours, ironically, do not bring any joy – they almost seem distressingly stifling. This same space encompasses a solitary human figure within itself and acts as a symbol of the individual’s thoughts and feelings. The more claustrophobic the space appears to be, the more isolation and loneliness it seems to create.