Project info

LondonPop was made in the days of the referendum on "Brexit".

I believe that the street is the ideal catalyst of any human story. An amalgam of lives, actions, words and stimulation that when viewed, can teach more than anything else.

The need to understand the underlying mechanisms of the referendum, has led me in the British capital, in those places so well known and rooted in the collective imagination, in direct contact with people. Each of them shared with me fears, doubts, opinions. Each with its own way of thinking or caring. To get angry or laugh about.
London is a city full of cultural and political symbolism, with very strong and codified visual identity, and the same goes for its citizens.
Documenting the street in that so sensitive period led me to a continuous confrontation with stereotypes and paradigms that, for better or for worse, characterize places and the identity of the citizens or those who are just passing through.

But with the progress of the shots the city disappears until it becomes just the container of the raw material: a generous, vast and eloquent human kaleidoscope.

Each subject breaks irreverently these popular stereotypes with a glance, a gesture, or a simple expression, reminding me of the great mystery of the tremendous power that is hidden in the folds of everyday life. That life that is lived always independently of the games of power.