Life in remote village of Indonesia
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I spend around 6 months hitchhiking around Indonesia, one of my favourite country I have ever visited. I was staying with local people, barely met any foreigners in all this time. It was magical time to see Indonesia and to have opportinity to live with locals people.
I have just arrived to Flores island in east of Indonesia. Hitchhiked 50km to the next town called Rutent. To cover this distance it took me around 4 hours, which is very slow, road was narrow, steep and very curvy, barely two cars could pass each other and I was sitting in a huge slow truck.

The next driver who stopped for me was living in a village near by and he invited me to stay couple of days in his home

All the villagers were very welcoming. They were really surprised to see the foreigner in this remote village, It felt like they haven’t seen a foreigner for many years. My new friend Herman introduced me to his family and other villagers. I was surrounded by many curious people, everybody was staring at me, some of them tried to ask me some questions, even if they didn’t speak any English.
Herman showed me surroundings of the village.

One morning I woke up early, grabbed my old film camera and went to make some photrographs. The village in the morning looked amazing, like from a fairy tale, mountains, forest, rice fields and colorful, smiling people. Women preparing breakfast on the fire, slicing vegetables and making some famous Flores coffee. Children from early morning are getting ready to go to one and only school in a village. Men are going to rice and other vegetable fields, time to work. Agriculture is the main source of income here.
Around noon in the same day Herman, his brother and few friends invited me to go to see illgal cock fighting. Apperently this is very popular activity in Flores. When we arrived to the place, I was really surprised that they even have special Ring made for cock fights, which looks something simillar to boxing ring. Around 30-40 people gathered to see the show and test their best fighters and make some money from betting.

These fights are illegal, but everything is very corupted there that even you can see policemen particpating in these fights.

It was such an amazing opportinity to see this everyday life of this very remote village in Indonesia. To meet these simple and happy people. Once again Indonesia proved to be one of the friendliest and happiest place I have ever been.