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Yes, the time is a bit early for summer, but I have decided to go see the ocean once the rainy season is over. The beach house will be ready even if it’s just for a day. I will care not of the bored employees that sit on the deck.

My eyes will open when it’s still too early for anyone to sit on a lifeguard chair to look around and see few people on the shore. In the bar, my eyes will stare at a pinup poster of a girl holding a beer glass in a bikini with a smile while lying down on the beach…

Year after year, a young boy will run into the ocean without any care of world. The ocean’s calling will find a man standing at the edge of the cliff and listen to his confessions. Every year, the bodies do the same, but with different faces. I think about them - always…

This time, I’ll capture my conversations with the ocean with many photographs. They help me remember the time at the Sea of Japan in winter when the wave was raging, or when I visited the Okinawa Island when a typhoon had directly hit the island. Perhaps, this time, this year, I capture the ocean and me in summer time.

This time, I’ll try to wake up early everyday before sunrise. And watch it rise and witness its intense heat as it cooks (or burns) the sands and melts the skin off bones. I’m looking forward to it, just not the smell of the sea and the humidity as they torment my comfort.

Maybe this time, there’ll be people in the ocean, floating instead of swimming. With many more sunburns despite the thick layers of sunscreen. Perhaps this time, I’ll see a lifeguard rescuing somebody in the ocean. My luck, the tide will lose its mind and there will be a red flag fluttering in the mad wind that reads, “No Swimming”.

The funny thing is that what I saw and will see will only be a sliver compared to the vast completeness of the ocean. Our bodies can be tossed like beach sands and swallowed by whale. No question about it – the ocean is beautiful and ugly.

Every summer, I visit any oceans and I realize that it has already been three years.