Plastic Landscapes Canada 2016
Project info

Plastic Landscapes (Hasselblad Master Award in Fine Art)

This group of works meets at the intersection of staged and spontaneous photography and functions as a commentary on environmental issues and the long-term effects of waste and non-biodegradable materials. In these photos, plastic (that everlasting man made product) meets the elemental.
The photographs capture a battle between the natural order and man’s discarded materials, and through the velocity of wind, rain and water, the plastic seems transformed into ghostly supernatural beings. Constantly changing and unpredictable forces of wind, water, and light form unique photographic scenes, making the plastic dance in a strange choreography. This lack of pictorial control means there is a certain creative energy, which is essentially in the moment, and irreproducible: “Plastic interconnects with the motion of ocean, wind and waves producing unpredictable effect. Wind plays a huge role, as well as reflection of the light in the plastic." 
A grandiose contemplation of the fate of our earth, these scenes of plastic emblazoned across pristine natural views are a metaphorical imagining of our future, a world taken over by waste.