Project info

I had known Sven for many years when I got the idea to tell his story with photos. Pictures that would capture his way of living and at the same time portray a disappearing life style. Sven and I were neighbours in the little village Boda on an island in the Stockholm archipelago.

Sven had spent his whole life there and I half of mine. Sven’s life passed at a slow pace with work and daily chores. Having been a farmer and fisherman, in his late years he worked as a builder and handyman for local people and summer visitors from Stockholm. He passed away in the summer of 2013.

Sven lived at a walking distance from my house so it was quite easy for me to come round for photo shoots whenever I wanted. The whole thing worked out great, no deadlines, no editors, no rush. Picture after picture was added until I felt it was done. I used colour film and an old 1952 Hasselblad, chiselling out these pictures that finally ended up in a book.