​Unstable Optical Fields
Project info

An old analog camera and four expired negative films were enough for this photographic series which took place in a transitional period of my life.
Having photography as only medium of communication and exploration and having the need to seek (under difficult economic pressure) solutions and answers to problems, I photographed unawared daily news, events, photographic evolution and so on through the screen of my computer and television. Finally I rewinded the negative and captured new images on the same already exposed film.
So latent images were created, which are loaded with experiential stress in the development of personal survival problems. Two years later, these negatives were by coinsidence discovered, developed, and these wonderful images are ready for interpretation.
Through the photographic series "Unstable Optical Fields" I found a new form of photographic expression beyond the “photographic standards”.
The series "​Unstable Optical Fields" is in progress.