Previously on Hans Lucas #9
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"POHL # 9, like the title of a parade as we weave the marquee: a house of cards under the unstable balance of images. It is inhabited by the beast with 300 eyes: Hans Lucas! The ring master, mysterious peacock , protean creature, and incessant storyteller! So to start with a bang in comes the Hayange giant, confidently! A return of history, a testosterone fueled melody, thank you for the memo Mr. Jarousseau. "Everything has to go" then proclaims the procession of Brits by Cyril Abad. Strange parade, followed closely by the great fire and ice-breathing Lola, surrounded by Alexis Huguet's misty procession and Chloe Sharrock's delicate picture ... The stage is suspended ... Then the light whispers, we hold our breath, it delves into the history of those coming in as enters the firey flag of an unknown country, and we hear the hum of some distant world. We follow, docile, the path to the land of dreams. We walk the trail of our own tracks to meet the ghosts of those beings that inhabit our big circus.
But what happens: there are bullet marks on the naked torso of the orchestra! Music against bullets, always. The pathway against ignorance, yet again. It takes courage to go on stage every night. It takes courage to hold the siege*. And when the audience comes out of the tent, you see that the streets are empty, that you hear the sound of our own footsteps, and that Poseidon is alone, there remains the little cloud that Hans Lucas brought us for a few seconds.
Thank you."

- Nicolas Havette

*to watch : Le Siège by Rémy Ourdan and Patrick Chauvel