A Country
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A Country
Over many years, it has been called Bermah, Birmah, Brama, Burmah, Burma, Myanma and now Myanmar. The Country’s official name is “The Republic of the Union of Myanmar”.

From North to South, there are mountains, rivers, forests, endless farm fields and barren lands dotted with Temples in places that you would never expect.

Tradition is strong, respect and religion continue, even as the Country is trying to keep up with the changes that are happening oh so very fast. For the first time in decades, it’s doors are opening to the rest of the World.

I have traveled to this Country ten times in the last nine years. The moment I leave, I wonder why? as I am already making plans for the next trip.

What’s the addiction?
Well, yes it is a very beautiful Country. But it’s the people. Kind, loyal souls, full of happiness to share, even thought most have so very little.

I am driven to see as much as I can of this Country, before the outside World’s influences change and destroy it forever.

It’s a strange addiction I have, to “A Country” called Myanmar.