Cow Guards
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Since 2015 in several localities of a novel, a member country of the European Union, there is a special category of people, a category of people who are employed by some communities to care for their cows are called ciurdarii .This villages. Gusti and fragile gypsies, parents of 8 children who are employed by community Tur neighborhood of Negresti Oas located in northern Romania, near the border with Ukraine, in order to care for cows, especially buffalo. They care for five seasons already cows this community, gypsies are honest, hardworking, herd animals take care in April and until December, living in a tent on the outskirts of the community, throughout this morning and cows perioada.Preiau villagers take them back in the evening, with ulgerele sick and full of milk. Besides the 8 children who help care for the animals, taste and fragile, always have guests who come and spend the summer with her in the tent at the edge of the community