Arischia 2016, returnable bottles.
Project info

May 2016, the country of Arischia, a little fraction of the town of L'Aquila.
After the earthquake in 2009, which hit hard the country, the space is become a container of disposable bottles, the elderly confined to their MAP (temporary housing modules) where the days go by with silence in the bones and the shade is the only company; and young people, those few who remained, they move little, sometimes in packs like wolves young, too soon forced to comparison with a life that attacks immediately, takes away everything and leave only emptiness.
So I saw Arischia, a small container of empty, as often we find in the big city, blue bins rattling in the glass with no one steps to withdraw them.
Do not recycle at Arischia, not renewed, too few people, too few possibilities, the resources go to big centers, where they find a more comfortable space.
And what is happening,is an increase of cases of suicide of the elderly, along with a slow abandonment of the places for the most young, empty Arischia and leaves a vacuum in a vacuum.