Project info

Part of my longtime series „ongoing“. I follow my only son, my father, my girfriend and the rest of my shattered small family through their life into a intimate space and report what I feel and see. The images are unstaged, but apparently affected by me as a close relative and photographer.

This piece of the project was made during the short warm spring and summer period around my home in Bern in Switzerland. We don't meet so often and we are not many in my family. Not really a clan, more single persons with strange but strong ties. No united Christmas Dinners. But meeting each other at the sauna or the river, sweaty, unadorned, different.

I do look for them as individual persons, for their relations and positions in life. One man emerging, one leaving soon and me as a mother and daughter wandering in the middle. I search for our personal family identity. Single fighters bound together. Bewildering resilience, alarming closeness and interspace. Beyond that, i draw a picture of myself and my nagging matters. I go very close and at the same time, I step back and explore the stories beyond our personal space. Making myself familiar – and offering the viewer naked images about his own questions.