Political assassinations - Lebanese collective memory reframed - an ongoing project.
Project info

Between March 2005 and January 2008, Lebanon witnessed 9 political assassination. To add another mysterious chapter to the country's endless struggle with war and its aftermath, no one was convicted - certainly nothing was announced publicly.
By revisiting the archives of one of the leading Lebanese newspapers that covered those events, one can read all the information published in relation to each on the dates they occurred, but for one element, blatantly missing from the records: the details in the photographs.
The archived photographs mirror the event they depict by the demand for visual scrutiny they impose on their viewer. Like the investigators who came looking for clues in vain after the blast, on close inspection of the images, the viewer is faced with meaningless graphic abstractions. From a distance, the image gains a semblance of intelligible information, but never enough to make out the fine details. Seeing becomes a synonym for concealing.

This project is being submitted on April, 2015 since it marks the 40th anniversary of the Lebanese Civil war that started on April 13, 1975.