The River of Woe
Project info

Orpheus was one of the few mortals who descended into the underworld in order to find his beloved Eurydice and bring her back from the dead in the world of the living. This myth inspired me to create a series of photographs that I named ”Τhe River of Woe”. Following his footsteps, I found myself in Greece, in the river Acheron, where according to ancient Greek mythology was the gate to the Underworld.
Rising higher and higher through the frozen waters up to the fountain of the river, I met the beloved archetypal image of Αbsence.
I gradually dove into the liquid world of the souls. I let myself being drifted in the flow of the river of forgetfulness trying to capture the agony of the mythical lover through the ages. Based on my instinct I discovered the mystical influence of circumstance that shaped my dive in the subconscious.
While Orpheus was returning he could not bear not to look back at his beloved to make sure she was following him to the exit. When their eyes met, he lost her for ever in contrast with my case. I managed my return having already imprinted into my negatives the visions of this quest but even more something quite important, which was the experience of a metaphysical journey.