A girl who speaks with her eyes
Project info

Demi has a motor disability and moves around in a wheel chair. She has a special computer for verbal communication but mainly speaks with her eyes. Demi’s impairment often causes her pain and makes her get tired quickly, but she attends regular school, enjoys dance lessons, music and going out. Living a full life is possible for her thanks to the continuous effort of her parents, as well as the support from the state, community, and the use of modern technology.
I met Demi when her mother invited me for the photo session at their home in Rotterdam. Demi enjoyed our photo session. The images in this series were created within a couple of minutes at the end of our reportage, when Demi was placed on a sofa to get some rest. She switched on a toy mirror playing a song by a girl band and, like so many girls of her age, was immediately transported by it to “Princessia” land.
Demi is an inspiring example of strong character and joy of life in a child.

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