In Honor (of Camila)
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Camila O'Gorman was a 20 year old Argentinian Socialite who was executed in Argentina while she was 8 months pregnant.

Whilst living in Argentina, this tragic story came to my attention. Sharing the same surname and Irish heritage with Camila, her story resonated with me.
Camilas execution, was sanctioned by her own father who collaborated with the government at the time . She was used by him as example of "exemplary punishment" for bringing shame upon the Irish catholic family. Camila was 19 when she eloped with a catholic priest, changed her name and fell pregnant.

Placing myself in the frame, in what was once Camilas house, this family home allowed me to pay a photographic homage to Camila.

Despite this murder occurring over 130 years ago, unfortunately, honour killings are still not resigned to the past. Thousands of woman around the world are murdered every year at the hands of their family, for either failing in love with the wrong person or for not marrying those chosen for them by their families.

RIP Camila O'Gorman 1828 - 1848