Project info

A while ago I've decided to produce art for ordinary people, in one of my attempts my plan was to live in a place that didn't have any contact with art, a place where people do not bind to it.

I have chosen a small town at Ceará state in the northeast of Brazil, which has no running water, electricity for very few homes and food shortage. Everything was simple and humble, a place forgotten by God in the middle of nowhere.

Getting there and I've explaining that I was an artist and they simply did not believe me at all. I do not draw very well and they couldn't understand why I could see beauty in my drawings.
When I told them I was a photographer they didn't like my pictures, they were not able to understand why I could see beauty on those images. At some point I got ashamed of it.

After spending three months in this town trying to change this perception, producing something that they could find beautiful, I have ended up leaving without saying goodbye and jumping through my bedroom window in the middle of the night so no one will notice.

I feel ashamed about my work since then. I know that I produce art for an elite and the most humble and ordinary people find my work irrelevant.
These are some of the photos I took during that time but it makes me feel embarrassed because they simply do not like it.