The Burn
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The year of 2015 brought extremely hot and dry weather to the Lake County of the Northern California region. One forest fire after another was burning the hills all summer, and then, in September, the Valley Fire happened.

Nobody expected that the fire could move that fast, nobody was warned or prepared. The heat from the flames was creating it’s own climate with unpredictable winds; the smog and the debris were flying all over; the ambers were igniting everything on theirs way. Communities had to be evacuated immediately, leaving behind belongings, pets, stock. People were jumping out of the burning cars and leaving them on the road, escaping by foot.

I was right in the middle of all this craziness and can confirm the terror we all experienced. In just a couple of hours Mother Nature was overpowered us, humans. Four people had vanished, hundreds of houses burned and the countless lives were ruined.

The “BURN” series is dedicated to those tragic events. It consists of the “portraits” of the plants, which went through the fire, but survived, caring the burns on their branches and leaves.